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Special Operations Forces Soldiers´ Memorial

     The idea of creating a Special Operations Forces Soldiers´ Memorial arose in direct connection with the first fallen soldiers of the Slovak Special Operations Forces - the 5th Special Forces Regiment - in December 2013.

     To realize the handiwork, we invited the sculptor Mgr. art. Peter Repka, among others, the author of the unveiled bust of Jozef Gabčík in front of Gabčík's birthplace in the village of Poluvsie and he is also the author of the bronze bust of Gen. Rudolf Viest in Revúca. The memorial is situated to the right of the command building of the 5th Regiment so that it is in sight of every significant visit and on every significant occasion associated with the parades with military honors. The accessibility for the public is secured for pre-announced as well as random visits to the memorial. The ceremonial unveiling of the memorial took place on Monday, October 16th, 2017.

     "The idea of the memorial is based on the need to give the honour to the fallen soldiers, and the most obvious and concise gesture of respect and respect for the soldier is - salute, greeting. Therefore, the central motif of the monument is a realistic figure of a saluting soldier in life-size . This soldier, as a representative of the regiment, silently salutes to pay tribute to courage and dedication, while not taking his eyes off the names of the fallen.
In any situation and in any weather, this bronze figure will show respect for the highest cost - the sacrifice of the own lives of the fallen soldiers. Their names are carved in thick metal plates, which are placed on an imaginary circle. The figure of a saluting soldier, as well as plates with the names of the fallen, are placed on the built path at the level of view of the all visitors. The human scale and the absence of pedestals are supposed to evoke that everyone who enters the area of the monument automatically becomes part of it. This will multiply and update the gesture of respect for fallen friends," explained the author of the monument Mgr. art. Peter Repka.

The realization of the memorial was supported by:
5th Special Forces Regiment,
5. pluk špeciálneho určenia, collective of members
Aliter Technologies, a. s.
EVPÚ, a. s.
Honzek Pavel, Lt. Gen. Ret.
Humaj Július, Lt. Gen. Ret.
Kepák Miroslav, MSG. Ret.
Club of Generals of Slovak Republic
Club of Military Paratroopers of the Slovak Republic
City of Žilina
MSM GROUP, s. r. o.
NESS Slovensko, a. s.
Rábek František, diocesan bishop – military ordinary
Military Support Foundation
X-air Paragliding club
Žilina self-governing region

The monument was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic within the framework of the subsidy program.

Special Operations Forces Soldiers´ MemorialSpecial Operations Forces Soldiers´ MemorialSpecial Operations Forces Soldiers´ MemorialSpecial Operations Forces Soldiers´ MemorialSpecial Operations Forces Soldiers´ Memorial

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